As we engage the public and conduct powerful original research on Maryland’s economic competitiveness, The Maryland Public Policy Institute’s Policy for Prosperity Program will put forth a positive and proactive agenda to keep the state on the forward edge of American innovation and economic dynamism.  Every single person in Maryland deserves an opportunity to flourish at each stage of life—and for this reason, the Maryland Public Policy Institute takes a holistic view of prosperity, considering not only those who are in the workforce today, but also weighing the needs of the whole person.  This starts with the education of our young people and extends to those late in life who depend on our pension and healthcare systems for their livelihood.  Our Policy for Prosperity Program addresses each of these needs, including:  

  • Economic Growth
  • Sound Tax Policy
  • Education Excellence and Innovation
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • A Secure Pension System
  • Mobility
  • Government Integrity
  • Healthcare