The Maryland Public Policy Institute

Advancing Freedom for Every Marylander


Our Mission:

The Maryland Public Policy Institute is dedicated to advancing freedom and opportunity for every Marylander.  We fulfill our mission by developing and promoting policy ideas that enable Maryland citizens and policy makers to chart a path to a freer and more prosperous future.

Our Beliefs:

We strive to put free enterprise and individual opportunity at the center of Maryland’s civic life because they are time-tested systems for building a better society.  We believe that individuals, families, and entrepreneurs are the engines of healthy civil societies only when they are left free from government overreach.

Our Work:

  • We formulate and promote bold policy ideas to make government serve citizens more effectively
  • We tell the truth about failing government policies and offer blueprints for change
  • We foster open dialogue between citizens and policymakers to cultivate a more informed populace
  • We simplify policymaking by working with public officials on legislation and regulatory solutions.

Our Team:

The Institute’s policy experts develop and promote their ideas free from any partisan doctrine. The Institute accepts no government funding and does not perform contract research so as to protect our objectivity and independence. Founded in 2001, Institute is recognized as a 501(c)(3) research and education organization under the Internal Revenue Code. The work of the Institute is supported by philanthropic gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations that share in our commitment to the free enterprise system, limited government, and a civil society. The men and women of the Institute hail from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, including government, finance, academia, and nongovernmental organizations.

Our Network:

With a network of thousands of members, supporters, and citizens in Maryland and beyond, the Institute engages daily via digital media and public appearances to advance our mission and our policy solutions for Maryland.  

2010 - The Daily Record 2010 Leading Women Award (Marta H. Mossburg)

2006 - The Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation Innovation in Promoting School Choice Award.

2006 - Governor's Citation