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Foolishness-as-Usual In Baltimore

The president of Baltimore’s City Council – who is hoping to become mayor – recently said something very foolish:  “We must ensure the safety of Baltimoreans at all costs.”

This is the kind of bla-bla nonsense that often makes heads nod sympathetically (“ooh, he cares”) and attracts votes, but if taken seriously it will take us down a policy road that leads to disaster.  Of course, Baltimore has been following a bad policy road map for a long time, resulting in seven consecutive decades of population flight and rising poverty and crime – all while demographically similar cities have reversed declines and boomed.

One Policy Does Not Fit All

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has won praise for his cautious, conscientious, and steady leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The steps he and local leaders have taken certainly mitigated a public health catastrophe and saved lives.  Nothing in what follows should be taken as hindsight-inspired criticism of those steps, nor as a call for a radical change of course based on disregard of the real danger this virus poses.

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