Governor Hogan is Right to Give Schools Flexibility

Aug 5, 2020


ROCKVILLE, MD (August 5, 2020) — The Maryland Public Policy Institute issued the following statement regarding Governor Larry Hogan’s order this week giving schools flexibility to determine whether to open this Fall in accordance with public health guidelines.


“Governor Larry Hogan this summer gave every public school system in Maryland the flexibility to determine whether and how to commence in-person schooling this year. Montgomery County’s brazen July 31st edict stripping local private and parochial schools of that same flexibility and threatening imprisonment for any ‘violators’ was a case study in flagrant government overreach. Suggesting that educators are criminals for wanting to do their jobs is reprehensible.


“Private and parochial schools are perfectly capable of weighing public health data and guidelines to craft a plan that keeps students safe and engaged academically. Governor Hogan was right to issue an amended order this week ensuring that local schools are the primary authority to determine when to safely reopen their facilities based on public health guidelines.”


Background: Montgomery County issued an order July 31st prohibiting private and parochial schools from opening for in-person instruction through October 1st. The County also stated that any person who violated the order would be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to imprisonment for up to one year. Governor Larry Hogan issued an amended emergency order clarifying that local schools have primary authority to determine whether to open.


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