Reactions to Governor Hogan’s State of the State Address

Feb 5, 2020

ROCKVILLE, MD (February 5, 2020) — The Maryland Public Policy Institute issued the following statements in response to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s State of the State address on criminal justice and K-12 education funding.

On Criminal Justice:

“Governor Hogan’s plan to stiffen penalties for gun criminals is necessary but not sufficient. Maryland law already calls for a 5-year mandatory minimum and allows for up to 15-years behind bars for felons in possession of a firearm. Most gun criminals in Baltimore are convicted felons or have extensive arrest histories. Prosecutors like Marilyn Mosby and judges are not doing their jobs by simply freeing offenders without consequences. Violence will not decline until the ‘trigger pullers’ are brought to justice. New penalties that are not enforced aren’t worth the taxpayers’ expense to print them.” 

Sean Kennedy, Visiting Fellow


On K-12 Education:

“Governor Hogan is right that Maryland must focus not on how much money is spent on public education but rather whether those funds are spent wisely and in the best interests of students and taxpayers. For too long, the General Assembly’s indifference towards accountability has undermined the foundations of public education in Maryland. Maryland already spends significantly more than most states on public schools – yet much of it doesn’t make it to the classroom. The 2020 legislative session is a good time to put students and their taxpaying families first.” 

Christopher B. Summers, President & Chief Executive Officer


In 2018, the Institute released groundbreaking research showing that the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations on public education reform would dramatically increase government spending and bureaucracy while delivering questionable results for Maryland students and families. Read An Analysis of the Kirwan Commissions Recommendations by James V. Shuls, Ph.D. The Institute also conducted a statewide survey showing Marylanders did not support new spending on schools if it meant cuts other public services or tax increases. Read Key Findings from Maryland Voter Survey on Education


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